The website development is a vast realm of IOT. For every travel business, it’s crucial to offer the best services. Without an online presence, the travel product or service becomes unreached. Every company must have online presence (web presence) to reach people and get potential customers. Here are the few essential features of travel website.

Easy online ticket booking system

It helps customers to book and pay for a service directly through your website! It makes things easier with details like contact info, destination info, check-in & check-out details, reservation details, and other travel-related information.

Search filter option

There are different parameters involved in traveling; this makes online booking experience easier to the customers by matching their requirements!

Visual impact

Images plays important role, when it comes to travel web designing, so blend the web content with images and infographics

Reviews and ratings

Be it a travel or eCommerce the customers want to know the others experiences before they buy, reviews increase conversion rates

Google maps

It helps customers to find the destination easily and view the nearby locations.

Advanced search

It’s a drop down list that pops up while typing; this is the best way to find out search list quickly.


Quality, relevant and keyword-rich content will enhance the design of the website!


A pricing table for your services must be simple & clear so that customers or travelers can choose the appropriate package from the list.

Make sure your travel website has all the mentioned features. Looking for a reliable website designing company for your business, reach us today. TravelPD is a leading travel website development company in India, provides travel website development, travel portal development, b2b travel portal, travel portal solution, mobile apps with API integration.

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