Features of online Travel Booking Engine System

  • Our Online Travel Booking Engine provides a simple user interface that can be easily browsed through by the users. It enables customers to open a number of websites individually to check and compare the booking rates of flights and other communications.
  • It enables customers to conduct their search in real time and check the booking rates across different websites in a single click of a mouse.
  • Once the deal is selected the software guides the customer to the booking page of the chosen travel site so that the tickets can be purchased with ease.
  • This high-tech program is created using highly sophisticated programming languages like java, PHP and open source which gives the tool a simple user interface.
  • The program integrates XML and API that gives the booking tool the unique feature to search for the lowest tariffs available with bookings and support by 24/7 Online Travel Booking Engine API Integration.
  • The air ticket booking system is linked with the GDI that can be extraordinarily helpful for getting the inventory on the air tickets.

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