Payment Gateway Integrations

Best Payment Gateway Integration Services for Travel Portals

If you are running an online travel agency where you accept payment through cards, you would want a Payment Gateway for secured payments. And this can be done by a Travel Technology Company, there are plenty of companies available in the market, we at TravelPD provide you the best Payment Gateway Integration Services, and help you in choosing the right payment gateway for your Travel Business.

Payment Gateways helps a website or a portal to accept the debit or credit card payments in real time. It acts as an interface between the travel agent and merchant account. The website sends the information to payment gateway, if the information matches with the file of credit or debit Card Company, then the payment is approved.

Features of payment gateways integration

  • Customised payment gateway integration
  • Multi-currency conversions
  • Multi support payment gateway solutions
  • Secured payment
  • Real-time instant information

Benefits of payment gateways integration services

  1. Customised gateway as per the payment process requirements
  2. Secured transaction processing
  3. Easy report generation
  4. Enables multiple currency payments
  5. Can be integrated with the other channels such as Website, Mobile Devices & Batch processing
  6. Protects merchants from fraud attempts

TravelPD is a leading Travel Technology Company that helps travel businesses in their online presence with the best Travel ERP solutions including travel portal, B2C/B2B online reservation systems, inventory management, and API, GDS integration. TravelPD has strong expertise in Payment Gateway Integration, have integrated many global payment gateways for its clients worldwide.

If you have a travel business and looking for payment gateway to integrate it into your travel website, please get in touch with us at

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