white label solutions

Advantages of white label travel portal development for Travel Agencies

White label is an effective way of reaching customers & increasing sales and ROI.

White label is very simple and easy to use. With White label Integration, the website responds instantly with dynamic flight, rental car, hotel and holiday packaging data including rates and availability. Implementing white label technology on your website works as an online travel agency, and white label booking engines will turn your website into complete travel portal.

white label solutions

The TravelPD, White label booking engine enables travel partners to choose from one of the largest pool of products in the travel industry including airlines, hotels, hotel deals, holiday packaging and many rental car companies.

If you are running a travel agency or you have a DMC  and looking for white label integration, then you may rely on white label travel portal development companies. The travel technology organisations work towards the creation of the online travel portal and also on maintaining it.

Features of White Label Solutions

 1. White Label B2B Module:

  • Booking Management
  • Booking Management
  • Markups Management
  • Profile Management

2. White Label B2C Module:

  • White Label Online Booking Systems
  • Client Management
  • B2C Interface
  • Booking Details Management
  • Cancellation and offer details
  • User profile management
  • Payment Gateway Integration

Advantages of white label travel portal

  1. Save time and money
  2. Re branding the website
  3. Technical Support
  4. Increase in Sales

TravelPD is the best travel portal development company in India, which provides the white label solution for flight, hotel, car and holidays packaging, sightseeing etc. With TravelPD, you can avail inventory from the world’s leading suppliers & sell your travel products under your brand on your own travel portal.

Take a look at travelpd.com, which provides white label travel technology solutions for Travel Agents!

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