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Travelpd a leading travel technology company has delivered over 150 projects with the help of in-house over 60 member Travel Tech developers with client’s across the globe. Our travel industry software is specially customized for travel aggregators, DMC's, travel management companies, B2B & B2C travel agencies, tour operators and travel agents.

We develop domain focused technology solutions for travel industry to enhance operational efficiency. TravelPD enables better travel experiences by optimizing the travel applications like reservation systems, departure control systems, PSS, internet booking engines, mobile applications and many more. 

We have delivered comprehensive Travel portals/Online Booking Engines to Bigger size travel companies to SME’s, our core Travel technology Solutions include B2B & B2C Booking Engines, B2B, B2E, Corporate, Retail such as Distributor or Franchise Module by integrating GDS, XML, API or Web services integration product development. We are connected with global travel suppliers including hotel consolidators, GDS systems, bus consolidators, car consolidators.

TravelPD is a top travel technology company, providing online travel software development solutions including airline reservation system, hotel booking system, car reservation system, IATA software for , travel agents, travel management companies, travel aggregators, destination management companies,  B2B B2C travel agencies and tour operators. TravelPD is the best Travel technology company in the market who has gained advanced Travel Technology tools to implement advanced technology to build the product from the scratch.

We help travel companies to build travel portal software solutions integrated with online booking engines, Non-GDS and GDS solutions such as Galileo, Amadeus, Sabre, TravelPort UAPI, TBO, Arzoo, Yatra, RIA, etc.

Our services consists of web design, website development, software development, IP based currency module, open source CMS, ERP, reservation systems CRS, B2B and B2C web applications, internet booking engines IBE’s, Mobile apps and much more.

Travel Technology Solutions we offer include

  1. Ticket Booking Software 
  2. Hotel Reservation System
  3. Airline Reservation System
  4. Car Booking System
  5. Cruise Booking System
  6. Bus Booking System
  7. Holiday Packaging System

Solutions we offer for travel businesses are as follows

Flights, Hotels, Car, Transfers, Sightseeing, Bus, Holidays, Insurance, Forex, Ferry, Destination Management Companies, Insurance, Independent agencies and resorts and more. Contact us today to get no obligation free quotation for PSS, IBE & DCS systems.

We provide innovative travel technology solutions to travel agents, tour operators, OTA’s, travel companies and travel portals.

Benefits of our travel technology solutions

Enhance business visibility: ability to reach a wider audience

Safety and Security: quick payment without any theft & easy booking confirmation

Real Time Sales: Real time sales through online payment

Predict performance and sales: Understanding the market conditions, sales matrix, competitor analysis, business planning and latest trends

Why Choose TravelPD

  1. Integration and Beyond: TravelPD's True Value - TravelPD has been at the forefront of modern travel technology, providing seamless integration. Our API integrations allow comprehensive bookings for air and hotel solutions, with additional features like car rental management, dynamic packaging, loyalty programs, e-receivables and more. The powerful API infrastructure makes it easy to integrate into any third-party system and provides an unbeatable level of scalability. 
  2. Best-in-Class APIs to Assist Your Business Solutions - TravelPD boasts a comprehensive suite of APIs for travel agents, tour operators, and hotel groups of any size. Our APIs can help your business solutions deliver optimized results to customers every time with automated workflows and a seamless integration experience. The APIs come equipped with real-time data like flight availability, timetables and weather updates, allowing you to stay informed at all times. With their scalability, customization and enterprise-level security measures, you get the best possible performance.
  3. Customizable Features to Give You Maximum Control - Our APIs are built to be as customizable as possible so that you can tailor them to your exact needs. With their cutting-edge technologies, you can create custom settings for different types of searches or even add new features in minutes. You also have complete control over your security protocols and access rights protection, giving you a high level of confidence trusting the data. When combined with the ease of integration, TravelPD's APIs will give you the maximum flexibility for any type of travel industry solution.
  4. Easily Add Additional Data and Payment Sources with Our Platform - With our integrated platform, you can add additional data sources such as hotel APIs and connectors to global payment systems with ease. You can customize these integrations to fit the exact needs of your products and services, whilst ensuring that they remain secure. 
  5. Streamline Your Business with Enhanced Security Solutions - We provides enhanced security solutions to ensure that data is managed and stored securely. Our encryption algorithms, authentication processes, and application programming interfaces protect the data of our customers while ensuring continuity of operations.

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