TravelPD solutions provide all the tools, advice and guidance needed for successful integration into one platform. With Sabre GDS integration powered by TravelPD, businesses can improve efficiency and profitability while gaining access to global travel opportunities.

Sabre GDS Integration Benefits

Sabre GDS integration offers numerous benefits for businesses in the travel industry. With integrated access to millions of global hotels, flights, cars and more, businesses can create richer offers and provide increased personalization to meet customer demands. Additionally, by utilizing Sabre GDS integration powered by TravelPD, businesses can conveniently manage bookings with a streamlined reservation-making process, reduce operational costs and increase efficiency.

With Sabre GDS integration, choosing the travel package that meets your business requirements has never been easier. TravelPD offers a variety of packages designed to help you make the most of this powerful system. The packages include Professional and Enterprise subscriptions, with use cases ranging from small to large businesses. 

Automate Your Online Booking Process:

The Sabre Red App Centre offers a wide range of features and functions for travel businesses to streamline and simplify the travel booking process. Automate your bookings, Get instant notifications, Generate passenger receipts and invoices, Manage traveller profile files, effectivity and so much more. With TravelPD's help, you can implement the best practices to integrate Sabre GDS into your business seamlessly.

Using TravelPD's Sabre booking workflow solutions, you can improve the quality of your bookings. We provide a full suite of documents for each booking transaction and our enriched information allows for better decision-making. Our advanced reporting system helps you quickly identify potential errors before they become expensive problems. This document control also leads to greater transparency between customers and travel agents as more complete information is available to both parties throughout the process.