Hotel Property Management Software

In the hospitality industry it is very important to have a comprehensive software application which helps to address some basic objectives such as sales, planning, coordinating operational functions of front office, etc. Automate hotel functions like hotel bookings, online reservations, guest details, telephone numbers, point of sale, banquets, accounts receivable, sales and marketing, HR and payroll, food and beverage costing, materials management, maintenance management, and other amenities can be conveniently managed with the help of an effective management system. Hotel property management systems can interface with central revenue and reservation systems or front office, back office, energy management, payment card authorizationĀ and channel management systems.

All you will need is a computer and a basic internet connection. Your database administration, server maintenance, inter-connectivity with other staff users, etc. will get managed by us so that you can work easily with this minimal infrastructure.

Apart from this, travelpd's Hotel Property Management System enables you manage multiple tasks at once. You can now conveniently check-in a group while you check-out other guests. You can easily send confirmations to your upcoming bookers, and address follow ups for your pending deposits. All this is made extremely easy with the management systems developed by us.

Travelpd enables you create multiple user accounts so that you can divide your workload amongst other members of your team. Hotel Property Management System developed by Travelpd helps you work with multiple users with no restriction. It offers the convenience of either work together, or divides your users into shifts.

The most important thing in hotel management system is the room tariff. You can now change the rate by simply clicking on it and change as per requirement. With the excellent system developed by our team, you can upgrade the guest to a new room, conveniently add breakfast or airport transfers and the system without any problem will pick the right charge automatically.

This has made our clients handle their revenues & room sales easily so that they can avoid unwanted surprises during payments from guests, or travel agents. Apart from this you will certainly appreciate our centralisedĀ approach for your work. Making an announcement to your staff, or set alerts and assign tasks has become very easy with our property management systems.

Travelpd offers excellent service when it comes to managing your multiple Rates & Packages, along with add-on services. Our system are so developed that it can revolutionize the way you control your ARR's and showcase your promotional offers so that you reap maximum benefits.

Travelpd is one among the prime Travel Portal Developers offering exhaustive solutions for hotels of all modes and magnitude of the operation. We offer our clients professional, friendly, and excellent quality service. For further assistance, contact us!