Galileo GDS Web Services

TravelPD is a leading Travel Technology Company, which provide the global distribution systems (GDS) and Integrate Galileo GDS API to a travel booking website. TravelPD works with the top GDS provider such as Galileo, Amadeus, Sabre & Travel port.

Galileo is a standard global travel service distributor system that is used to book air tickets, cruises, hotel rooms, rental car services etc. Galileo GDS provides solutions to travel agencies and tour operators worldwide. Galileo Flights Module enables connection to GDS Galileo for online booking of airline tickets.

Galileo GDS integration solution connects businesses through multiple travel channels. It helps in dealing with airline data management solutions & data intelligence products for international airline services.

GDS System


Here are the few features of Galileo Flights Module.

  • Advanced Search departure/arrival time, air carrier, class
  • Detailed search by Filter air carrier, class, price etc
  • Search for one way & round way flights
  • Book airline tickets
  • Use Frequent flyer programs
  • Cancel airline tickets
  • Search for air ticket orders by ticket No, name & air carrier

Galileo GDS Integration Services we offer

  1. Flight Reservation System
  2. Hotel Booking System
  3. Car Reservation System
  4. Cruise Booking System
  5. Holiday Packaging System
  6. B2B Online Booking Engine
  7. B2C Online Booking System
  8. Corporate Booking Module
  9. Single or Multiple interface

If you are running an airline travel agency or looking for a Galileo GDS integration solutions to take your travel business to the next level! TravelPD can be the best option for you!! To know more about our travel portal development and other travel technology solutions, get in touch with us today!