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Travel Agency Software | Travel Booking Website Development


Are you looking for travel agency software?

Quick Checklist:

A quick outline about the importance of travel agency software:

Due to personal or business reason, the citizens travel more than ever. They often use travel portal for booking their flights and hotels. Otherwise, they need travel agency for completing their booking stuff.

With travel agency software we will do;

Booking Management

Travel agent software provides an integrated system of real-time reservation software, booking systems, finance, and administration.

Sales Channels

Travel agency website or B2B will permit your sub-agents to make bookings while you can track commissions & accounts of the agent.

Hotel Booking System

Now you can also book your hotel from travel agency software. So many other features are like instant confirmation on customer phone and email also services detail report available.


Air Booking Software

You can easily book your air ticket by integrated with all the major GDSs. Entirely customizable software too so that it can provide to all your specific requirements.


Yes, it’s the best time to plan!!

Need best travel portal development company that has massive experience in travel technology and have strong portfolio having world wide client list.

TravelPD – The travel portal development company

We have specialized in travel technology with successfully completed many travel portals all over the world. We are remarkable and responsive software design as well as the development team. Our travel portal solution is an integration of various GDS’s XML and API’s.

TravelPD also maintains the product for 24/7 technical & customer support services. We always love to response and solve our valuable client query.

TravelPD has integrated over 90+ hotel aggregators, cars, cruises, transfers, sightseeing, and money transfers etc. by using advanced travel technology that is integrated with travel software.

Travel and tourism industries are expanding day by day in all country also increase the services and features. We always added the latest feature in our customers’ travel portal according to their country’s travel suppliers.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you Richer

For Travel Agencies and Agents:


Are you planning to develop best travel software for agencies or agents?

How to Start your Travel Startup?

  • Create a Business Plan
  • Gets the Expert Training
  • Call to Travel Host Agency
  • Do your Brand Promotion

Benefits of Travel Portal:

  1. Real time data access
  2. Saves time and money
  3. Minimized order processing costs
  4. Instant reservation
  5. Help in the expansion of a business
  6. Minimize maintenance cost
  7. 24*7 support

For Travel Customers:


  • Saves time and money
  • Get expert insights
  • Study of review and rating
  • Multi-destination holiday selection option

TravelPD educates their client by providing a complete online demo. For any travel portal development query mail on or call +91-805-001-3337

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Benefits of Online Reservations Software – Flight, Hotel, Cruise, Car


Thanks to the online stuff that people are more into online shopping. People are already busy with so many things and so they find it really tough to personally go out and shop.

Thus, the internet has given benefits to people for online shopping and more and more people are getting into these things. Looking into the rising trends it is for sure that people even would get into things like online hotel reservations and ticket booking. With the benefits people get with travel portals you will see there is more of travel portal development around.

Benefits of  Online Booking System Software:

Online Booking

  • Saves Time & Money

Travel software is pretty fast and accurate and you can book your hotel reservations, flight tickets etc quickly.

  • No Third Party Integration

There is no third-party gateway so easy to a seamless process of online booking.

  • Easy Update Services Prices

It’s real time system, so easy to updates travel services prices and offers. Once you get the update all customers get the notification about changes.

A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” — Moslih Eddin Saadi

  • Reliability and efficiency

You can see that when you have good travel portal development company it can help in making things much easier and better.

  • Stay With Technology

Travel technology trends are updated day by day, with TravelPD you have benefit to touch with latest trends.

  • Open 24/7 Reservations

24/7 Reservations

You can stay flexible and book the hotel or so anytime you want. Often people get time late at night and by doing reservation personally, no one would entertain you. But since these software and online media are quick and efficient you can make the bookings at any time of the day or night.

  • Commission Free

You have nothing to pay extra when you develop your own travel reservation system, your income surely increases when you get a payment that is commission free.

  • Best Customer Service

Travel portal development company provides best customer services to their valuable clients. Support and maintenance services by expert more better when you build your own booking software.

  • Minimize Management Workload

In travel website development consists every module that minimize your workload and improves efficiency.

  • Structured Customer Data

Any business success depends on their customer’s satisfaction, in travel management system you have a structured record of customers information.

  • Discount Codes

With these reservation options, you will see that you will also be able to compare the prices. Thus you will be at the benefit of better price.

  • Secure Online Payments

 Online Payments

Some people feel that since online booking would require them to put the credit card details and what if these details are misused or leaked. Well, you should stay assured that these details would be quite private and they won’t be leaked. The secured systems have the facility to safeguard your details without any problem at all.

It is a practical decision to use these software and online modes rather than doing things on own. It will save a good amount of your time and money. Also, you can stay assured that your bookings would be perfect without any sort of information leak.

With the cloud computing options in the hotel industry, you will see that these reservations have become quite quick. There was a time when people had to fill up the registration form manually. But now, things have changed. More and more practical options have come up in the travel industry. You should take advantage of the same and move ahead.

For Online Reservations Software for Flight, Hotel, Cruise, Car and many others, Contact us on or 91-805-001-3337.

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Tourism Portal Development – Travel Technology Solution

Tourism Portal Development Company

A website is a window to its target segment irrespective of what the business is and perhaps is the most effective marketing tool. This holds true especially for travel and tourism businesses, where people expect an end to end travel solutions simply at the click of a mouse.

TravelPD combines experience with travel technology to give the best to its clients. It implements tried and tested methodologies and models that are constantly upgraded for better performance. With the optimum combination of right technical skill sets, domain strengths and management of teams, Travel PD offers nothing but the best to its clients.

travel technology

We provide global travel portal development services includes ticket booking services, flight booking services, packaging and hotel booking services and also cover travel insurance system.

TravelPD Travel Technology Company
Contact: (@), (M) +91-805-001-3337
Skype: Umesh.R1

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Vacation Packages Developement

Vacation Packages : Our domestic and international vacation packages will be designed as per client requirement and are CMS based with payment gateway integration.

  • Hotel Booking Software Integration Packages
  • Air Ticket Booking Software GDS Integration
  • Bus Booking Portal Development with API Integration
  • Travel Agents Portal Inegration
  • Car Booking Search Engine Integration
  • HTML and CSS3 theme Installation and GDS/XML Inegration
  • Hotel Reservation System GDS Integration
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B2B Travel Portal Development

B2BTravel Portal Development

Our solutions on the travel portal connect all type of B2B Travel Portal Development. We have experience in using Google Map API to embed Google Map in web pages and provide a number of functionality like hot destination, path of destination, development for all the aspects of B2B  travel portal development and travel api integration for air booking, hotel booking, travel packages, bus booking and insurance, Online Payment Gateway for online booking listing for third party services, White label solutions for all travel booking software and travel search engine..

  • B2B Travel Portal Development
  • Hotel Booking B2B Travel Portal integration
  • Flight Booking B2B Travel Portal Development and maintanace
  • Car Booking B2B Travel Portal Development
  • Buss Booking B2B Travel Portal Development


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Travel Portal Development

TravelPD offers a wide range of IT Services & Solutions Travel & Hospitality domain irrespective of the size of the company and the budget, We advise the customers which suits the best suppliers for Air Ticketing System, Hotel Reservation System, Tours & Holiday Packaging system, MICE Booking, Cars, Transfers, Sightseeing, Cruise API Integration, Bus Booking and many others. a leading travel portal development company and Global clients, we integrate Amadues GDS, Sabre GDS, Galileo GDS, Travelport UAPI, Abacus, Wordspan, Mystifly, Carsolize, Travefusion for Flights API Integration for hotels.

Application will be integrated with GDS suppliers like Sabre, Travelport, Amadeus, Travelfusion, TBO etc. In which we receive the LIVE inventory and same thing will be replicated to the customers on easy access. Each application is integrated and tested with the respective suppliers to ensure the proper communication with application and GDS.

Travelpd is Helping to who is looking for online Travel Portal Development services and B2B2C online travel portal startup Companies.

Foreign visitors to the USA, UK and Europe probably spend about ten times as much money as domestic or international visitors, on average. The length of their stay is longer; they are more likely to use hotels, And many who are on leisure trips have more time to spend money.

Travelpd is helping to startup or existed travel business companies to develop and create high resolution themes for travel portal development companies. Hotel Industry, Car Industry, Flight Industry GDS/XML Integration.

  • Bus Booking Search Engine API Integration
  • Car Booking Portal API Integration
  • Flight Booking Portal Development API Integration


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Features of online Travel Booking Engine System

  • Our Online Travel Booking Engine provides a simple user interface that can be easily browsed through by thea users. It enables customers to open a number of websites individually to check and compare the booking rates of flights and other communications.
  • It enables customers to conduct their search in real time and check the booking rates across different websites in a single click of a mouse.
  • Once the deal is selected the software guides the customer to the booking page of the chosen travel site so that the tickets can be purchased with ease.
  • This high-tech program is created using highly sophisticated programming languages like java, PHP and open source which gives the tool a simple user interface.
  • The program integrates XML and API that gives the booking tool the unique feature to search for the lowest tariffs available with bookings and support by 24/7 Online Travel Booking Engine API Integration.
  • The air ticket booking system is linked with the GDI that can be extraordinarily helpful for getting the inventory on the air tickets.
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Travel Portal Development Business & Functional Features

Travel Portal Development – TravelPD is a leading Travel Portal Development Business & Travel Portal Development company having clients across the globe, we have integrated various GDS, XML, API & webservices integration Software Suppliers and some of our client tele talks more about TravelPD Success – Portfolio.

Travelpd’s Travel Portal Development software offers wide range of software such as B2B, B2C, B2B2B, B2B2C, Franchise Module, Distributor Module, XML Binding and Creating Webservices to any online booking engine, Development of Hotel CRS ( Central Reservation System ).

Travel Portal Development Business – Flight Booking Engine

Application will be integrated with GDS suppliers like Sabre, Travelport, Amadeus, Travelfusion, TBO etc. In which we receive the LIVE inventory and same thing will be replicated to the customers on easy access. Each application is integrated and tested with the respective suppliers to ensure the proper communication with application and GDS.

Customer Wallet: The application as provided the wallet option for the online registered B2C customer, in which they can add the money to wallet and make booking process simpler. Transaction failures and cancelled reservation refund will be proceed to wallet, so the customer can reuse the amount for the next reservations.

Travel Agents: Agents have all flexibility to do the transaction wither on the Deposit account, Credit account or through the payment gateway. Can add the amount to the deposit account from payment gateway makes easy to do the transaction.

6 steps to start new online travel agency business:

  1. Buy Domain: we have lot of domain hosting companies available in market 200 to 500/Rupees per year. if you know how to buy domain it is good or if you don’t know contact hosting companies and select domain buy it.
  2. Buy Hosting Space: 1000 or less unlimited space per year, you have buy it.
  3.  Register and take permission from supplier: it means yatra, redbus, akbartravels you need deposit some amount approximate 5000 to 10000/Rs and get permission to put your logo and bus or car and hotel search engine. you have to start your travel agent business as per you circle.
  4. system or laptop: system is mandatory for your travel agency business you have to login in portal and you will maintain some amount and booking yourself.
  5. Register agency name: 3 options available own proprietorship, private company, public company, my better suggestion  is one man company or own proprietorship.
  6. Above everything you don’t know: Reach they will take care of each and everything.
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Wanted to delight your customers and promote your business?

TravelPD is a leading travel portal development company adopts unique XML, GDS API integration for various business modules, what we offer is a Pilot project integrating single XML if client is satisfied we will proceed further or you could with draw the project pilot project is non billable, we develop robust system for B2B, B2C, B2B2C & etc.

  • Online Travel Agency Business
  • Own Travel Agency B2b and B2c Business
  • B2b and B2c Travel Business
  • Hotel Booking B2B and B2C Software Integration
  • Car Rental Software GDS Integration
  • Flight Booking Domestic and international API Integration

Wanted to delight your customers and promote your business? Connect with TravelPD , a Travel solution and services expert.