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Features of online Travel Booking Engine System

  • Our Online Travel Booking Engine provides a simple user interface that can be easily browsed through by thea users. It enables customers to open a number of websites individually to check and compare the booking rates of flights and other communications.
  • It enables customers to conduct their search in real time and check the booking rates across different websites in a single click of a mouse.
  • Once the deal is selected the software guides the customer to the booking page of the chosen travel site so that the tickets can be purchased with ease.
  • This high-tech program is created using highly sophisticated programming languages like java, PHP and open source which gives the tool a simple user interface.
  • The program integrates XML and API that gives the booking tool the unique feature to search for the lowest tariffs available with bookings and support by 24/7 Online Travel Booking Engine API Integration.
  • The air ticket booking system is linked with the GDI that can be extraordinarily helpful for getting the inventory on the air tickets.
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Travel Portal Development Business & Functional Features

Travel Portal Development – TravelPD is a leading Travel Portal Development Business & Travel Portal Development company having clients across the globe, we have integrated various GDS, XML, API & webservices integration Software Suppliers and some of our client tele talks more about TravelPD Success – Portfolio.

Travelpd’s Travel Portal Development software offers wide range of software such as B2B, B2C, B2B2B, B2B2C, Franchise Module, Distributor Module, XML Binding and Creating Webservices to any online booking engine, Development of Hotel CRS ( Central Reservation System ).

Travel Portal Development Business – Flight Booking Engine

Application will be integrated with GDS suppliers like Sabre, Travelport, Amadeus, Travelfusion, TBO etc. In which we receive the LIVE inventory and same thing will be replicated to the customers on easy access. Each application is integrated and tested with the respective suppliers to ensure the proper communication with application and GDS.

Customer Wallet: The application as provided the wallet option for the online registered B2C customer, in which they can add the money to wallet and make booking process simpler. Transaction failures and cancelled reservation refund will be proceed to wallet, so the customer can reuse the amount for the next reservations.

Travel Agents: Agents have all flexibility to do the transaction wither on the Deposit account, Credit account or through the payment gateway. Can add the amount to the deposit account from payment gateway makes easy to do the transaction.

6 steps to start new online travel agency business:

  1. Buy Domain: we have lot of domain hosting companies available in market 200 to 500/Rupees per year. if you know how to buy domain it is good or if you don’t know contact hosting companies and select domain buy it.
  2. Buy Hosting Space: 1000 or less unlimited space per year, you have buy it.
  3.  Register and take permission from supplier: it means yatra, redbus, akbartravels you need deposit some amount approximate 5000 to 10000/Rs and get permission to put your logo and bus or car and hotel search engine. you have to start your travel agent business as per you circle.
  4. system or laptop: system is mandatory for your travel agency business you have to login in portal and you will maintain some amount and booking yourself.
  5. Register agency name: 3 options available own proprietorship, private company, public company, my better suggestion  is one man company or own proprietorship.
  6. Above everything you don’t know: Reach they will take care of each and everything.
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Wanted to delight your customers and promote your business?

TravelPD is a leading travel portal development company adopts unique XML, GDS API integration for various business modules, what we offer is a Pilot project integrating single XML if client is satisfied we will proceed further or you could with draw the project pilot project is non billable, we develop robust system for B2B, B2C, B2B2C & etc.

  • Online Travel Agency Business
  • Own Travel Agency B2b and B2c Business
  • B2b and B2c Travel Business
  • Hotel Booking B2B and B2C Software Integration
  • Car Rental Software GDS Integration
  • Flight Booking Domestic and international API Integration

Wanted to delight your customers and promote your business? Connect with TravelPD , a Travel solution and services expert.


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Our Strengths


TravelPD is a global travel portal software provider who develops Rich Travel Portal Application Development using agile development methodologies, Our offshore and onsite engagement development model has been very successful to deliver the products based on the client requirements

  • Travel Portal Development for Flight Reservation System | Flight Booking Engine
  • Travel Portal Development for Online Hotel Booking Engine | Hotel Reservation System
  • Travel Portal Development for Hotel Central Reservation System | Self Contracted Hotels
  • Travel Portal Development for Car Booking Engine | Car Reservation System
  • Travel Portal Development for Sightseeing and Transfer Module
  • Travel Portal Development for Bus Booking Engine | Bus Reservation System
  • Travel Portal Development for Cruise Booking Engine
  • Money Transfers
  • Eurorail & Rail Booking Engine Development
  • Expertise in integrating complex GDS, XML, API, Payment gateway’s
  • Flight GDS Integration, Flight Consolidator API integrations, Flight XML integrations
  • Hotel Suppliers XML Integrations and Channel Manager API integrations.
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Every year more than 20,000 companies come and go..Are you one among them?

With the boom of globalization, people are taking giant strides to start the company of their own. Be it a travel or a hotel industry, companies are rapidly expanding and soaring to new heights. But what matters the most, is how long can your company survive in this competitive environment. Infact some start-ups did extremely well in the early years and failed to sustain to competitive market, because of lack of strategies.

If you are one of the passionate people to grow your travel portal development company, then, never cease the idea of having right strategy in place. Start your strategy having the foremost concept in mind that is how you can satisfy the need of your customer. In order to pace up with your customers needs, it is therefore required to have right online travel software in place.

With this online travel software a customer can do hassle free booking saving his efforts and time.  At TravelPD we offer a wide range of IT Services & Solutions Travel & Hospitality domain irrespective of the size of the company and the budget.  We advise the customers which suits the best suppliers for Air Ticketing System, Hotel Reservation System, Tours & Holiday Packaging system, MICE Booking, Cars, Transfers, Sightseeing, Cruise API Integration, Bus Booking and many others.

We are a team of experienced Travel Portal Designers & Travel Portal Developers which brings value to the global Travel Companies and Offline Travel Agents by providing complete travel portal development solutions such as Design, Architecture, Framework, Development, Integration of Complex GDS, XML & API, 6 Phases of product testing and deployment, We would advise to move from offline to Online business by providing complete Front Office, Mid office and back office solutions to our clients so that they can explore global.

For more details, kindly mail to

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Future of every travel agency depends on online travel software

Most famous and successful companies of yester years have lost their glorious presence in today’s consumer markets because of lack of technology upgrations. Some of them, still are struggling to establish them self after the impact of better technological advancements. Recent article of Times of India, in which former BlackBerry co-chief executive Jim Balsillie said that Apple’s introduction of the iPhone and  BlackBerry’s rushed attempt to match, it was devastating for the once iconic company.

With this, all of us, has to realise that no matter how successful our companies are today, we still have to cope up with the constant advancements of technology. Travel being one of the ever growing industries in today’s market has to take giant strides to help travel companies update their travel operations. Every successful travel agency, even with immense customer list, has to adopt travel technologies, online travel agency software to  compete with their travel competitors.

Now we at TravelPD, understand industry’s requirements and work extensively to enhance your  travel business by offering best travel booking portals. With growing customer demands travel booking engine helps customers to efficiently book their tickets online, and save their time with hassle free booking system.

With our robust architecture, customers conduct their search in real time and check the booking rates across different websites in a single click of a mouse. Our technical experts, incorporate Java, PHP and Lamp programming to ensure that the engines can be automated easily. At TravelPD we integrate XML and API that gives your booking tool   the unique feature to search for the lowest tariffs available with bookings. Hence TravelPD works with you to give your customer a finest experience before they start their journey.

For further technical details- write us to-

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TravelPd targets for better outcome with best online application

When you decide to start a new venture, always remember one of the best and valuable quotes by industry veteran Steve jobs quoting “You‘ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology. Yes, customer experience and leveraging with technology to embark innovations and cater to the customers needs is what all travel agencies should focus.

With the growing competition in travel industry, travel technology plays a great role to take your travel business to the next level. Infact ,online travel software are probably the only technologies that can create a highest impact for any travel business. This way not only does your travel company gain brand visibility, but also can sustain in the travel industry for long time, with right technological tools

At travelpd, we improve the travel business outcome of your travel company by using advanced travel technology solutions. We use more readable and accurate language tools such as HTML and CSS3. With these appropriate tools not only does your website functionality will be optimized by also improve your website designs and the ranking in google

Travelpd, being one of the top online travel portal application development companies, offers online reservation and online booking software. We offer

  • hotel reservation system software
  • Airline reservation system GDS/XML Integration
  • Bus reservation system API Integration & Development

By integrating with   GDS Such as Amadeus, Travelport UAPI, Galileo & Sabre Webservices Integration and Non GDS (Third party/ Native/Consolidators) web services (APIs) for Flights, Hotels, Holidays, Cruises, Sightseeing, Cars, Transfers, Rail Booking Engines.

For more info- write to us at

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Worlds Leading Travel Portal Development Company

Worlds leading travel portal development company expertise in integrating complex GDS, XML, API, Web services for all business & functional modules for leading travel Agencies & Travel Companies.

A dynamic market needs top-of-the-range Travel portal Development & software solutions. We have always been quick to turn around the latest internet technologies and turn them into a competitive advantage. Our research and development team has made use of the most advanced technology to tap into the region’s booming travel market by creating multiple distribution channels. The idea is to automate workflows and offer greater accessibility to DMC, Travel Wholesaler, Travel Portals, Travel Agencies, Inbound Tour Operators worldwide and MICE operators.

We are certified IT vendors with most of suppliers for all kind of business & functional modules such as Flight booking Portals, Hotel Booking Portals, Bus Booking Portals, Car Booking Portals, Transfers & Sightseeing Booking Portals, Cruise booking Engines, Money Transfers booking engine, Payment gateway integration’s with complete B2B, B2C, B2B2B, B2B2C, Corporates & B2E.
For further demonstration of ur product kindly email to