Travel Portal Agile Development

We develop tailor made travel portal and accordance with the project execution methodology plan for

and we choose the best platform to develop B2B, B2C, B2B2B, B2E, Corporate Booking, Corporate Expense Management System Integration. Our Continuous GDS, XML, API's integration allows, all the clients to access the work-in progress and get a feel about the robust online booking engine

Online Reservation system development is done through the phases of requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, integration, and maintenance. The TravelPD Project Management framework is an extension of the project management life cycle. TravelPD organises planning, tight control on schedules and cost variance.

Our Agile Methodology :

  •  Story boarding
  •  Prioritization
  •  Sizing
  •  Release Planning
  •  Iteration Planning
  •  Tracking
  •  Retrospective
  •  Sprint Planning Meeting
  •  Daily Scrum Meeting
  •  Sprint Review Meeting
  •  Sprint Retrospective Meeting

Our RUP Approach:
  •  Use case analysis
  •  Class and Sequence
  •  Collaboration and Activity Modeling
  •  Architecture Prototyping
  •  Test planning and execution
  •  Change Request management
  •  Iteration planning
  •  Deployment Planning
  •  User documentation
  •  Support planning


Why Agile ?

Decreased time to market

Adaptability to changing requirements and priorities

Increase probability of success

Higher visibility of progress

Iteration Planning

Reduces risk

Delivers business value early and in increments

Why RUP ?

Requirements not clear when project starts

Can deliver what the customer wants

Issues are discovered early in the project

Improved Risk management